W.I.P. Wednesday {8.30.17}


I haven't shared a WIP post in a while, so I thought I'd share a little bit of what I'm working on these days.  First off I'll start with my latest Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks.  I shared these on Instagram, but haven't shared them here yet. Block 31 - Evening Star

FWQ Block 31

Block 32 - Farmer's Daughter

FWQ Block 32

Block 33 - Farmer's Puzzle

FWQ Block 33

Block 34 - Flock

FWQ Block 34

Block 35 - Flower Basket - without the handle ;-)

FWQ Block 35

Block 36 - Flower Garden Path

FWQ - Block 36

Block 37 - Flower Pot

FWQ - Block 37

Block 38 - Four Winds (whoa - this one was took some focus!)

FWQ Block 38

Block 39 - Friendship (and this one was a nice break after 38!)

FWQ Block 39

Block 40 - Friendship Block

FWQ Block 40

I have had a lot of people visiting my blog asking if I ever finished my red and white Farmer's Wife Quilt and the answer is clearly, NO!  But, at least I've made some more progress...40 blocks down and 71 to go.  We'll see if I can hang in long enough to make all 111 blocks.  There's always the chance I throw in the towel early and make it a bit smaller in size.  Also, some of these look bright white and some look more cream - a lot of that has to do with the time of day I finished the block (often in the dark!)  Once I get to 50 completed blocks I'll take a group shot to show that they all blend together pretty well.

The latest thing I've added to my list is for a fun contest run by Amber Johnson (@gigis_thimble) and Amanda Niederhauser (@jedicraftgirl).  They have designed a total of 10 patterns using just 5 fat quarters and some background fabric.  The best part is that they have shared those patterns for FREE!  You can find them all here.  As a way to kind of celebrate this fun little adventure they started, they created the Five Fat Quarter Fun Contest.  Click the link for all of the details (and awesome prizes).

I decided to join in on the fun, mostly because I wanted to challenge myself to design a quilt using only 5 fat quarters, plus some background fabric.  So, after pouring over my vast FQ collection (YIKES!), I finally settled on these 5 fabrics.  Stay tuned to see what comes of them.  I'm hoping it's going to be awesome :)

I am feeling inspired (and challenged) by @gigis_thimble and @jedicraftgirl #fivefatquarterfuncontest to turn these 5 FQs and some background fabric into something pretty awesome 👍 Wish me luck! #mimosafabric by @windhamfabrics

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