W.I.P. Wednesday {5.11.16}


We've had a lot of rain around here lately which has given me a chance for more time in the sewing room :)  I was able to finish up the Heading South mini quilt I showed you last week and shipped it off for quilt market.  Below is a photo of the quilting in progress and I promise to share a full reveal this summer during a Hello Ollie blog tour that will showcase a ton of beautiful projects made with Bonnie Christine's new fabric. Heading South mini quilting

After I shipped that out, I turned back to my seemingly never ending pile of aqua/low volume pairs that still need to be pieced into four patches for the #apqquiltalong quilt I'm making.  When I started on Monday evening, I needed 326 more four patches.  I finished 150 before I decided that I needed to switch gears.

four patch sewing

I had a real need to feel like I was actually getting something accomplished, so I started putting more blocks together.  Below is a photo of the top corner of what will eventually be a quilt for our king sized bed.  To give you some perspective, the top length is approx. 24" long and the final quilt will measure 102" square...clearly I have A VERY LONG WAY TO GO!!!

Sea Glass Stripes first corner

Piecing these blocks together really did give me the motivation to just keep sewing so that I can eventually get this done.  It's much faster to just sit and chain piece a zillion four patches...but pressing them afterwards wears me out!  When I turned to piecing the blocks together the chain piecing slowed down a lot, but I was able to see more actual progress, so I was fine with that.

Sea Glass Stripes detail

Now...what year do you think it will be when I actually finish this beast?! Amanda