Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt {Hendricks County submission!}


Hi all, so my promise to post more last week telling you what I've been working on didn't quite pan out.  So, a bit delayed, I'm here today to share a block I designed and submitted to be a part of a wonderful project.  If you know me well, you know that I LOVE old barns, especially old RED barns (and if they have a barn quilt on them...I honestly get giddy!).  Seriously, my family teases me about it quite a bit. When we were visiting the Indiana State Fair this summer, I found a flyer from the Indiana Barn Foundation seeking assistance from quilters.  They are undertaking a Legacy Project endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission (FYI...Indiana's bicentennial is 2016) to create a quilt with a block from all 92 counties featuring a traditional barn from each.  This was clearly a project I was destined to be a part of!

I contacted those in charge of the quilt and was ecstatic to find out that my own county (Hendricks) was still available.  My next task was to find a fabulous barn to recreate in a 6" finished block (you read that correctly...6" finished!).  This was not an easy task, because there are so many barns that I love around here.  I finally settled on one of my favorites that is perched atop the highest point in the county overlooking rolling hills and the cattle living there.

Pruett barn

This particular barn was built in 1926 and has clearly been well maintained by the family who owns it.

And here is my finished block next to my rotary cutter for scale.

Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt - Hendricks County Barn

I found two red charm squares in my scrap bins and had literally "just enough" to finish this block.

Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt - Hendricks County Barn

I also think the gray print used for the silo worked out perfectly.

Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt - Hendricks County Barn

And let me tell you, those teeny tiny trim and roof pieces were a bit tricky, but well worth it in the end.

Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt - Hendricks County Barn

For any quilters who live in Indiana and are interested in participating in this quilt, you can check the Indiana Bicentennial Barn Quilt's Facebook page to see if your county is still available.  Of course, you could also do one for a county in which you don't live (I just happened to find it more fun that way). Edit to add - click here for submission guidelines.

Now I'm debating if I need to make one of these for myself (maybe just a bit bigger!).