Poolside Tote {a finished bag and pattern review}


Poolside tote bag If you follow many sewing/quilting blogs, then you've likely heard of Anna of Noodlehead.  She has a number of wonderful patterns for bags, totes and pouches and also has a new book out called Handmade Style.  I have used her tutorials and patterns before when I made a few open-wide zippered pouches and a 241 tote.  When she came out with the Poolside Tote pattern, I fell instantly in love.

Well, I finally went for it and made one myself.

Poolside tote

It's big, roomy, has an outside zippered pocket and an awesome swivel clasp on the interior.

Poolside tote inside

And seriously, isn't that aqua ribbon and swivel clasp cool?  I'm super excited about this feature because it will help me to keep from losing the keys while we are at the beach. :)

Poolside tote clasp

And my Kindle fits perfectly in the outside zippered pocket.

Poolside tote pocket

Below is a photo of me with the bag when I finished it last night for size reference...it's huge!

Poolside tote size

I have to be honest and admit that I really DO NOT enjoy making bags!  But I loved this one so much that I was willing to give it another try.  And you know what, it was kind of fun.  Anna's pattern is wonderfully written and easy to follow (which I sincerely thank her for).  There are a lot of patterns out that are difficult to follow and this is not one of them.

The other reason it was a joy to put together is because of the fabric I chose.  Lotta Jansdotter's Follie in canvas was a dream to work with (I purchased mine at Crimson Tate).  It sewed beautifully and drapes well for a canvas (not too stiff and scratchy).  If you are inclined to give this bag a go, I highly recommend using a high quality canvas because it worked out great.  I also used Pellon SF101 interfacing (what was recommended in the pattern) and I'm glad I did.  Anna is clearly the expert in this area, so I just stuck with what she said.

Poolside tote

Even though this is a "poolside" tote, I didn't really need one to head to our back yard for a swim, but I can't wait to take this bag with us on vacation to the beach.  I can fit all 3 towels, my books/magazines, sunscreen, hat and kindle in it with no issues...YAY!