Summersville {a finished quilt!!}


Today has been a good day, because it's quilt delivery day!  :)  I was able to deliver this newly finished quilt to my best friend's little brother (a/k/a my little brother by love).  Now, with parents as good looking as these two, I just know the little bundle of joy is going to be adorable.  And I can't wait to snuggle and kiss all over him! quilt delivery day!

I have been hoarding a Summersville jelly roll for a couple of years now.  I wanted to save it for just the right quilt.  I was so happy to find out about this baby and just knew this was the occasion for my precious Summersville fabric.

Here is the top before it was quilted and washed.  I love the colors and the aqua sashing seems perfect for a new little boy.  To make this quilt, I followed Camille Roskelley's tutorial she shared while making her own Summersville quilt.  You can find it here.

Summersville quilt top

Now the quilt has been washed and dried to crinkly perfection.  I've already given it a test snuggle to make sure it is good enough for baby ;-)

Summersville quilt detail

It was difficult to capture the true colors of this quilt in photographs because of the weather we've been having around here lately, but you get the idea.

Summersville quilt

Summersville quilting detail

Once again I used these adorable bugs on the back.  They are just too cute not to!

Summersville quilt back

The best thing about this quilt is that it was given to someone who I know absolutely loves it and appreciates all that goes into making something by hand.  It made my heart so full to pass this quilt on today and see the joy it brought to the expecting parents.

Summersville quilt

Hope you are all having a great day as well. Amanda