W.I.P. Wednesday {3.25.15}


If you follow me on Instagram, you are aware that my work trip that was to keep me away from home for almost a month has been cancelled...hallelujah!!  And once that happened, I quickly got to work with my red and white fabrics to make a few more Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks. Block 14 - Butterfly at the Crossroads

FWQ - Block 14

Block 15 - Buzzard's Roost (this one gave me issues and I'm not totally pleased with it, but I won't re-do it just yet)

FWQ - Block 15

Block 16 - Calico Puzzle

FWQ - Block 16

I'm glad I decided to pace myself with this quilt and get the blocks done in batches of 10 while working on other projects in between.  Otherwise I think the tedious nature of the templates, cutting and tiny pieces would have already worn me out and these would have been moved to the ever growing WIP pile that never seems to get finished.  For now I'm still enjoying taking my time on the blocks (10 at a time) and making something else quick and satisfying in between.