W.I.P. Wednesday {2.25.15}


Happy Hump Day! Although it may not appear like it here on the blog, I actually have been doing quite a bit of sewing the last couple of months.  Unfortunately I can't share two of those projects here just yet.  But on Monday I was able to work on a few more Farmer's Wife blocks, and they were so satisfying :)

Block 11 - Broken Dishes

FWQ - Block 11

Block 12 - Broken Sugar Bowl

FWQ - Block 12

Block 13 - Buckwheat (and potentially my new favorite!)

FWQ - Block 13

This last one gave me some issues and came out just a tad smaller than 6 1/2" square, but I'm keeping it and will make it work in the end product :)

My day job will be taking up most of my time for the next two months, so I probably won't be posting much until April.  I don't even want to think of the withdrawal I'll be going through when I'm away from my sewing machine for 3 weeks!

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to check in as soon as I'm able.