W.I.P. Wednesday {Farmer's Wife edition}


It's been quite awhile since I've posted a WIP Wednesday, but today I'm here to share some more Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks!!!  (Yep, I'm still obsessed) ;-)  I've now finished a total of 10 blocks.  That was my goal for the first batch.  I'm planning to do 10 at a time and then break to work on other items so I don't get too burned out cutting tiny pieces with templates.  So, enough talk, here's the blocks... Block #5 - Bat Wing

FWQ Block 5

Block #6 - Big Dipper

FWQ Block 6

Block #7 - Birds in the Air

FWQ Block 7

Block #8 - Bouquet

FWQ Block 8

Block #9 - Box

FWQ Block 9

Block #10 - Bow Tie

FWQ Block 10

So far, I'm very pleased with the blocks and the variety of prints used.  Hopefully they will all blend beautifully when put together into a quilt top.

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