W.I.P. Wednesday {7.16.14}


Happy hump day!  Today I'm here to share some fun little (and by little I mean tiny!) blocks with you.  My awesome quilting bee met last month and decided that our challenge for July would be to create the smallest version we could of some of our favorite blocks (or just any block miniaturized). I started with my favorite block of all time...the pineapple block.  I had some of the Happy Go Lucky dot fabric literally lying out on my cutting table after finishing the binding on Happy Geese, so I decided to use it in these blocks.

This pineapple block finishes at 5".  I was originally planning to make this using my Pineapple ruler, but decided to kind of "cheat" and paper piece it for perfect points.  I adore it!!

Tiny pineapple block

Then I realized that I just had to make a "tiny" block with no paper piecing to really make this a challenge.  I decided to try and re-create my favorite block from my 30's Sampler quilt seen below.  I don't know the name of this block, so if you do...please share!

flying geese


First I had to create the smallest flying geese blocks that I believe I've ever seen...finishing at 1/2" by 1" each.  Aren't they so cute?!?!  Why is it that everything is even cuter in miniature form?

Tiny flying geese


And here is the completed block.  Not too bad for such tiny pieces.

Tiny block


And my two blocks together.  I'm thinking I might make one more and then hang the three of them from a tiny clothes line in my laundry room...wouldn't that be cute?

Teeny tiny blocks :)


Since the summer has been crazy for most of us in the bee, not everyone was able to get their blocks done.  But check out Amy's CRAZY amazing 2" finished Swoon block...WHOA!

I also love Sarah's tiny block that finishes at a mere 2 1/2"...these ladies put me to shame!  Both are gorgeous.

Also, I finished my item #3 (fall table runner) for the 10 in 10 quilt guild challenge.  The number for next month (for those of you following along) is 9 and that is my Single Girl quilt.  I purchased a half finished quilt top from a friend...don't think I will have time this month to get it done, but we'll see.

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