W.I.P. Wednesday {6.18.14}


While it may seem like I'm not getting a lot of sewing done lately, I assure you that I have been very busy!  Unfortunately a few of the projects I've been working on have to remain secret for the time being.  But I can share what I'm trying to finish up this week. Remember my Happy Geese quilt?  Well, I had hoped to have it quilted before teaching my first class on the pattern, but that didn't happen with my other deadlines.  I'm working hard to get it finished before the second session of the Happy Geese class :)

Happy Geese basting pins

I decided on a quilting pattern that would be impossible (at least for me anyway!) to do on the longarm.  So, I dusted off my basting pins and got down on my hands and knees and thanked the Lord that I don't have to do this with every quilt anymore!!  I really do not miss that step.

But, check out the backing fabric that one of my students pointed out to me in class...isn't it THE PERFECT fabric to go with my quilt top?!?!  It's almost like they were made for each other.  I already had a backing selected, but this was just too good, I'll have to save that fabric for something else (thank you Kyle!!)

Happy Geese backing


And here is the start of my quilting...

Happy Geese start of quilting

I used a Tupperware cup from our kitchen to draw the first circle and am radiating circles every 3/4" to 1" out from there.  I feel like it might literally take FOR-EV-ER, but thankfully the circles get easier as I go.  I may come back and FMQ a smaller circle in the center still, but we'll wait and see how it looks when I'm done with the rest.

I would love to have the quilting done by the weekend so I can get the binding on before our second class next week.

Wish me luck!