Banish those U.F.O.'s {quilting challenge accepted!}


The local quilt guild that I belong to has started a new challenge for 2014 called "10 in 10".  We were each asked to list 10 UFOs (unfinished objects) that we would like to get completed in 2014.  Some people aren't like me and didn't have 10 projects that they once started and never finished...can you imagine?!  :)  So, this list can also include a project that you bought either a pattern and/or fabric for, but just never cut into.  It can also be for other sewing related crafts (cross-stitch, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc.) Then at each month's meeting they will draw a number between 1 and 10 and you have until the next month's meeting to finish that project from your list.  Here is my list.


And at our meeting last night, they drew number 10.  So I need to get that Swoon quilted and bound before February 18th!  I love this challenge and think it is a fantastic way to help us all banish those UFOs!!!  (Not to mention there are great prizes available for those of us who get these projects done on time :))

If you have a lot of UFO's hiding in your sewing room, feel free to make your own list of "10 in 10" and I will share which number is selected each month here on the blog.  Maybe we can help motivate you to finish up some projects as well.