W.I.P. Wednesday {7.31.13}


It has been a very rough week around here because of the unexpected death of my lifelong best friend's mother.  So, instead of making a lot of progress on my sewing projects, I have been spending time in more important ways like being there for a friend and loving on my family.  It certainly is a reminder to never take the time with your loved ones for granted.  Don't miss the opportunities to say I love you and give a hug or kiss.  You'll never regret loving too much :) I did spend some time on Saturday in the sewing room though, because afterall, sewing is truly my therapy.  I am trying to get caught up on my Lucky Stars blocks.  This one is from May.  I LOVE it!

 May Lucky Stars block

And here are the first 5 months together. I'm thinking this is going to look awesome once I have 12 blocks done!


I have selected and cut the fabric for my June block, but realize that I won't get it done as well as July's block before I receive the instructions for August tomorrow!  Especially since at our house, it is the first day of school.  Samuel is now a 2nd grader and headed back to school too early if you ask me.  Our schools have moved to a balanced calendar, so they get 2 weeks off in the fall, for Christmas and in the spring, which makes summers much shorter.  It's a trade off that I'm sure I will learn to enjoy.  I really would rather take vacations in the fall than in the summer anyway.

2nd grade

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