A first ever quilt...


I had a wonderful day today sewing and swimming with my mother and son.  The best part was when Sam asked if he could sew a new blanket for "Panda" his panda pillow pet.  Of course I said YES!  I told him first he needed to pick out some fabric.  He said he would go ask Panda what his favorite color is.  When he came back from his room, I had given him a selection of fabrics to choose from to which he replied "I will take these to Panda and let him decide." :)  I love this sweet boy!

Can you see the determination in his face?

He's doing a great job for this first time "all on his own, with no help from Mommy!"

After he squared up his two front pieces, he decided that a couple of the "scraps" should become stripes.  So, it was time to put it on the design wall for a look.  I absolutely love his creative design!

Time to add the stripes...APPLIQUE BY MY 6 YEAR OLD SON!!

Still very intent.

Now comes the quilting.  He used some zig-zag stitches and some straight stitches.  We chose to wrap the back around to the front for the binding to save time.  He really wanted this one done today!

And the finished product...PERFECTION!  Thanks Sam and Mom for spending the day creating with me (between swimming of course!)

Now it is time for "Panda" and "Po" to enjoy his work while Sam gets back in the pool for another sewing break :)


We're off to his baseball game now (under the lights!) 

I hope you all enjoy your weekends and spend time with the wonderful fathers in your life tomorrow.